Prenatal Massage Therapy

There is little than can prepare you for the rollercoaster ride that your body goes on when you’re having a baby. Whether it’s achy joints from ligament relaxation, a sore back from that ever-growing belly, or sciatic pain that literally brings you to your knees…pregnancy is a trip, and you usually can’t take much for the pain.

But. You can get a massage, and even though it won’t “correct” the issue that’s “causing” your pain, it will help you feel like a human being again.


Doula Services

In addition to massage therapy, Holly welcomes a small number of doula clients each year.  A doula is someone who provides physical and emotional support, as well as education, to a birthing person and their support system. Typically, a doula provides support during the prenatal period, continuously during the birth process, and in the early postpartum period.

Holly took her doula training through Wise Woman Way of Birth, and combines the skills she learned there with massage therapy techniques to help to promote relaxation, manage discomfort, and create a supportive birthing environment.


Postpartum Support

Your self care routine shouldn’t come screeching to a halt after the baby is born, and finding a sitter for your newborn so you can “go relax” shouldn’t be a stressor…bring the baby. Holly is ALWAYS happy to have a wee one to smile at while she works.

As an added bonus, infants can also benefit greatly from massage therapy. Utilizing simple Swedish techniques, Holly aims to relieve colic symptoms, aid in sleeplessness, help with digestion, and promote general relaxation in babies. 


A Note From Holly:

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“My own two children were both born at home under the care of midwives, and I just loved my experiences. Yes, Actually.

After my second was born, I knew our family was complete, but it wasn't long before I felt a strong desire to provide birth support to others.  Near the end of 2017, I attended my first birth, and I was hooked.

My goal is to provide supportive and empathetic care that is personalized for each client, and reflects her values and choices. My practice is rooted in providing clients with evidence-based (read: supported by real science) research and information so that they feel empowered to make informed choices and become advocates for themselves. 

I believe women are not only capable, but powerful.

When given the time to follow our instincts, we can birth our babies safely and effectively. We don’t require unnecessary intervention, just support to trust ourselves in the process.

If you want to learn more about me, you can check out my About Page.

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