A l l A b o u t
H o l l y H e n r y

Registered Massage Therapist
Car Seat Technician
Certified Paediatric RMT
Birth Doula
Momma Bear


As a mom of two young kids, Holly has a very visceral understanding about how exhausting it is to be “Mom.” She knows what it feels like to clench your jaw and grit your teeth through yet another tantrum, bounce a screaming baby for hours on end, and to wonder how you somehow managed to make it through yet another sleep-deprived day.

So when you walk into her treatment room and say, “my feet are so sore from pregnancy I want to cut them off,” she gets it. If you need to vent about how hard it is to get groceries without a meltdown, she gets it. If you just want to lay in silence for an entire hour shut your brain off, she gets that too.


In case you haven’t noticed — Holly is a major birth geek. She’s gained clinical experience working with and supporting moms through their pregnancies via outreach programs in the High Risk Antepartum/Prenatal ward at BC Women's Hospital, and became a doula with the Wise Woman Way of Birth doula training. 


Holly is also a certified Paediatric Massage Therapist with the Liddlekidz Foundation, with a keen interest in paediatric pain management and the importance of touch in infant development. She’s also completed post-graduate courses with Paula Jaspar about massage therapy support through pregnancy, labour, birth, postpartum, and for infants.

She continues to broaden her knowledge of industry best practices by nerding regularly over the latest evidence-based research in Women and Children’s Health.

If all of that weren’t enough to win you over, Holly is also a certified Carseat Safety Technician who loves to hold other people’s babies — especially the squishy new ones.


Holly grew up just outside of Victoria, met her husband in Banff, and now calls Mission home. She has enjoyed vacations in Mexico, Cuba, Australia, and the Bahamas; Italy, France, and Hawaii are high priorities on her travel bucket list. 

Prior to becoming a massage therapist, Holly studied to become a pastry chef — she can whip up a mean cupcake, and loves surprising the MRMT staff with sweet treats on special occasions.

When she's not busy treating clients or making sure carseats are properly installed, Holly enjoys reading, spending time with her hunky husband + spunky kids, and watching reality TV (Survivor, The Bachelor, and So You Think You Can Dance, obviously).

Holly and her family also serve as a host family for international students who have come to Canada to attend school. To date, they have welcomed teens from Japan, Germany, and China, and are currently hosting their 9th and 10th students.